What Are After Market Auto Parts?

When you purchase a new car from a dealership, factory options are known as stock for short. The engine, wheels, transmission and performance parts are called stock, plus, any lighting and the interior. Often, the dealership will provide upgrades, like better speaker systems; however, these are all stock options and are sometimes limited. Most people choose to modify their car once they have bought it, making them unique to their personality.

Most of the modifications people make to a car are done using after market auto parts. These can range from air intake kits to chrome rims and graphics. They can be installed by the owner; however, other parts will need a professional to perform the installation. Car owners should seek advice first in order to make a decision before purchasing any after market automobile parts.

In some instances, using after parts can void a car’s warranty if there is one, which is why owners should first check their cars manufacturer warranty, before choosing to make any modifications. Plus, most of these parts are designed to fit only specific cars, so before ordering any automotive parts, make certain it matches up with your car’s make, year and model.

However, the most important consideration is if it complies within the law. Most of these parts are not illegal; however, when they are installed in a car, they could violate laws and regulations within your area. For example, the window tinting one will vary depending on where one lives. As do the emission laws and head and tail light colors. All because a part can be bought, it does not mean it will be legal to install. So to save time and money, always check the laws and regulations before performing any modifications to your car.


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