The Quality Automobile Parts Your Car Needs!

A used car.Car enthusiasts around the world that have chosen to dedicated themselves to classic vehicles, know that finding original parts can be very complicated. Do you wish to work with a shop that is dedicated to car restoration and finding rare auto parts? You have definitely come to the right place because Garrison Auto Service is here to make it happen! We are a Garden City, KS situated shop that will gladly find the automobile parts your project needs. We are the experts that are going to make that happen!

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When it comes to restoring an old car, you need the help of someone who has an extensive knowledge about the available automobile parts on the market. Original mint condition parts are very hard to find, but even refurbished ones are not easy to come by either. Luckily for you, Garrison Auto Service has your back!

Our Garden City, KS shop has been helping people with the rare auto parts they need for their projects since 1963, and today, we continue to help individuals and repair shops with their part needs. Do not miss the chance to browse through our shop!

There is so much more our shop can do for you – in addition of offering a large roster of car parts, we also perform car restoration services, so if you need some help with your vehicle, it will be an honor for us to assist you. Are you interested in finding out what more we can provide you with? Whatever the case might be, simply give us a call at the phone number listed below or send us your questions via the provided contact form!


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