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A lot of classic car enthusiasts and owners know that one of the hardest challenges when having an old vehicle is to look for auto parts. The market is very dynamic, and usually when a part in good condition surfaces on the market, it won’t stay there for long. Have you been looking for a shop that can help you with the restoration of your classic vehicle and provide you with parts vital to its refinishing? If this is indeed so, then Garrison Auto Service will definitely help you with your dream car. Do not miss your chance to benefit from our Garden City, KS automotive parts provider!

Since 1963.

We offer the following services

Engine machine shop

valve and head work
bore and hone
mill heads
deck blocks
grind flywheels
fit pistons
hot tank

Parts and part locater service

(automotive, tractor, motorcycle)

Rust repair

repair panel installation
sheet metal fabrication
we fix what most body shops can’t or won’t


In house upholstery shop
seat springs repaired
interior kits installed

Component repair and restoration

front and rear axels

Welding and machine shop

frame customizing and repair
driveline custom built or modified

Complete turn key or partial restoration and repair


Automatic transmission repair

vintage and classic transmissions and parts

What Garrison Auto Service is here to provide you with is much more than regular automobile parts. We are a Garden City, KS situated shop that will gladly help your car restoration project! Our licensed, certified, bonded, and insured shop has been on the market since 1963, and today, we continue to help people with our auto parts supply and services.

Working with cars that are no longer made is a professional passion that has started since the dawn of automobile industries. Today, many people engage in a “part hunt” all over the Internet in order to get their hands on original and vintage parts.

Our remarkable professionals will gladly work with you on the project you have in mind. Let us join your own dedication to the incredible art form that is car restoration. Do you have any specific ideas about your project you want to share with us? Give our specialists the chance to help you, and you will be more than happy to have done so! If you would like to find out more about our company, simply give us a call!


by Jordan T. on

You are a life saver. I was preparing my Chevy 69' for a show outside of state, but in the transport, a truck crumpled the front left of my ... Read More Reviews

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